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Unveil the essence of your brand through captivating packaging with Identisa – Packaging Design Agency. We are your partner in crafting compelling packaging designs that resonate and captivate your audience.

Packaging Design Incudes

A single ideal Brand Name does not exist. Only those names that match your briefs. Therefore, the exact services you receive from us are up to you, although they include:

Structural Design

Designing the physical structure of the packaging, ensuring it’s functional and practical for the product’s intended use.

Graphic Design

Creating visual elements, such as logos and typography, that align with the brand’s identity and messaging.

Materials and Printing

Recommending suitable materials and collaborating with printers for high-quality printing and accurate color reproduction.

Collateral Design

Designing related materials such as inserts, labels, and stickers that maintain consistency with the packaging design.

Product Differentiation

Even better, we can assist you in screening potential names for their suitability and their potential for linguistic and cultural adaptation.


Designing packaging that can be adapted for various product sizes or variations within a product line.

Our Process

Naming is magical because it brings things into existence when something receives the name it becomes something we can understand share and discuss.



  • Understand product and audience.
  • Brainstorm packaging concepts.
  • Develop rough sketches or digital mockups.


  • Refine chosen concept based on feedback.
  • Incorporate branding and visuals.
  • Create structural design and prototypes.


  • Test functionality and usability.
  • Gather feedback and make adjustments.
  • Obtain client approval for final design.


  • Prepare files for production.
  • Ensure quality printing.

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